Minimum wage advocates scale back their $15 fight


Washington Examiner - Advocates of a higher minimum wage have scaled back their push for a $15-an-hour rate, holding fewer events this year than they have since the movement began in 2014. The slowdown has critics of the movement claiming that their pushback is working.

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Betsy DeVos has made a mark in six months as education secretary


Washington Post - It is tempting to conclude that after six months as education secretary, Betsy DeVos hasn’t accomplished all that much.

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The Constitution Isn't Failing


National Review - Contrary to what some on the left, checks and balances are working as they should.

A certain cohort of the center Left has never really liked the Constitution very much. I’m talking about the kind of technocratic Clinton-supporting liberal who would, say, rank all the amendments, or write a lengthy article arguing that the American system is doomed because it has a president and not a prime minister.

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