Obama Failures Pile Up!


It’s only the first week in March, but the failures of the Obama Administration are already starting to stack up. Here are some of the President’s biggest failures and political disasters so far in 2015.

The Obama Administration Failures are Stacking Up in 2015

It’s only the first week in March, but the failures of the Obama Administration are already starting to stack up. Here are some of the President’s biggest failures and political disasters so far in 2015.

Deteriorating relationship with Israel – Israel has been one of America’s strongest allies, but President Obama’s relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has deteriorated rapidly in the last several months. Rather than work together with our closest ally in the region to keep Iran from securing nuclear capabilities, Obama’s “go-it-alone” approach is causing a deep rift with Israel. In a speech to Congress earlier this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu outlined many of the flaws with the Obama Administration’s foreign policy, especially its approach to the Middle East.

Veto of Keystone XL Pipeline legislation – In February of this year, the House and the Senate passed bipartisan legislation to extend the Keystone Pipeline, which would have created nearly 10,000 jobs and helped push America on the path to energy independence. President Obama vetoed the bill as soon as it reached his desk.

President Obama’s “lead from behind” strategy allows Putin to move into Ukraine unchecked – One of President Obama’s most visible foreign policy failures is the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The Obama Administration’s inability to help Ukraine defend itself has led Ukraine to seek much-needed weapons from the United Arab Emirates. Russian President Vladimir Putin has, no doubt, benefited from President Obama’s unresponsiveness and naive foreign policy.

Obama’s executive budget continues to balloon the national debt – The U.S. national debt now stands at slightly more than 18 trillion dollars. Instead of tackling the spending problem in Washington, Obama proposed a budget in late January that adds an additional $74 billion in spending increases. The list of new projects on the President’s spending list included many liberal agenda items, including vague “infrastructure improvements,” expanded access to faster Internet, and free community college.

Obama’s Secretary of State Flagrantly Violates Transparency Laws – In late February it was revealed that Hillary Clinton used her personal email address instead of an official government account while she was Secretary of State. By using her personal email address to conduct official business, Hillary Clinton compromised not only national security, but also good governance practices and government transparency. Her brazen attempt at skirting transparency laws will be investigated by Congress in the coming months.

Obama Proposes Ban on Popular Rifle Ammunition – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has proposed a ban on M855 green tip or SS109 ammunition. The rule would ban manufacturers from producing or distributing these two types of ammunition. Representative Bob Goodlatte from Virginia and NRA officials plan to fight the ammunition ban.

Obamacare data glitch sends erroneous tax forms to enrollees – the online portal to sign up for Obamacare continues to have numerous problems. Most recently, a website glitch caused 800,000 Obamacare enrollees to receive incorrect tax forms. As a result, tens of thousands of people across the country may have to re-file their taxes.

Obama Administration Strong-Arms FCC into adopting Net Neutrality – The Obama Administration pushed forward with its plan to regulate the internet by compelling the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt so-called “net neutrality” regulations. Ajit Pai, who serves on the FCC and voted against the regulations, says the new rules will lead to “government control of virtually every aspect of the Internet.” This is, indeed, the opposite of progress.

Obamacare exchange recipients were overpaid – According to some estimates, nearly 3.4 million Americans were overpaid for their Obamacare subsidies, which means they will have an unpleasant surprise this tax season, as they will have to pay this money back to the IRS. The recipients of these subsidies are mostly working-class, lower-income families, so the burden of paying this money back to the government may hit them especially hard.

Obama’s Weak Response to ISIS – Just a few hours after Kayla Mueller, an American citizen taken hostage by ISIS, was confirmed dead, President Obama goofed around with a “selfie stick.” The President used the camera tool to take footage of himself dunking a cookie in milk and pantomiming basketball shots. While ISIS escalates its violence, President Obama has admitted that his administration doesn’t have a strategy to defeat ISIS. This is dangerous for the US and the world!

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