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It’s only June 2015, but the Presidential campaigns are already heating up. In less than two months, Fox News and Facebook will co-host the first GOP presidential debate in Cleveland.

The Presidential debate will be limited to the top 10 candidates, as calculated by aggregating several nationwide polls. We will keep you posted on that debate in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, it’s worth talking about the type of background the GOP should seek in a presidential candidate.

We Believe the GOP should nominate a Governor

The GOP presidential primary field is already crowded. The vast majority of declared and soon-to-declare candidates fall into one of two categories: Governors (either current or former) and U.S. Senators (again, either current or former). Both positions - governor and U.S. senator - provide excellent experience on the path to the presidency, but we at AFB believe governors have a unique job that makes them far-better suited to govern and lead from the White House.

As primary voters, volunteers, and activists begin to do in-depth research to learn about the candidates, AFB would like to encourage you to consider the advantages that governors bring to the table.

  • Executive leadership. Governors have executive experience and know how to establish priorities. As executives, they tend to be more results-oriented than U.S. Senators, who spend much of their time bogged down in political debates and committee meetings.
  • Experience with a budget. Governors are required to manage the state’s budget. One of AFB’s core principles is fiscal discipline.  Unlike U.S Senators who sometimes go years without approving a budget, governors operate under a budget and have to assess budget priorities regularly.
  • Ability to work with members of both parties. While Members of Congress in Washington, D.C. are able play party politics, governors must be coalition-builders and team-builders. 
  • Hands-on experience with economy. Governors are particularly in tune with the way the economy works and interact with the business owners and job creators in their states. They intuitively grasp that the federal government doesn’t create jobs.  They also understand that the crush of federal regulation can do harm to job creators trying to build businesses.
  • Familiarity with federal mandates. Governors have to deal with the onerous federal regulations and they know first-hand how much of a burden the federal government can place on businesses and how it can impede job growth. As part of the federal lawmakers, U.S. senators are often involved in growing the federal government and handing over regulatory authority to federal bureaucrats. Governors, on the other hand, are often motivated to curb the regulatory state, which makes them excellent reformers in the White House. 

For all of these reasons, American Freedom Builders encourages GOP primary voters to consider the benefits of electing a current or former governor to be the next President of the United States.

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