Quarterly Newsletter - Jan-Mar 2017



With the inauguration of President Trump and his cabinet appointments, American Freedom Builders has had a great start to the year and we’re looking forward to even greater success in 2017.

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GOP Should Nominate a Governor









It’s only June 2015, but the Presidential campaigns are already heating up. In less than two months, Fox News and Facebook will co-host the first GOP presidential debate in Cleveland.

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Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions



Over the next few weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to announce decisions in several key cases. We at American Freedom Builders will be updating our website to keep you informed about the major decisions that affect personal and economic liberties. Here’s a sneak preview of two of the most closely watched cases:

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Tax Day Is Upon Us!


Tax Day is upon us, and for many Americans, April 15th is the most dreaded day on the calendar.  If you’re like many taxpayers across the country, you’ve probably spent the past several weeks buried in paperwork, preparing various IRS forms, calculating expenses, and hunting for receipts for deductions. 

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Obama Failures Pile Up!


It’s only the first week in March, but the failures of the Obama Administration are already starting to stack up. Here are some of the President’s biggest failures and political disasters so far in 2015.

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