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  • Eight Trump Cabinet picks Democrats plan to target



    Democratic senators plan to aggressively target eight of Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees in the coming weeks and are pushing to stretch their confirmation votes into March — an unprecedented break with Senate tradition.

    Such delays would upend Republican hopes of quickly holding hearings and confirming most of Trump’s top picks on Inauguration Day. But Democrats, hamstrung by their minority status, are determined to slow-walk Trump’s picks unless they start disclosing reams of personal financial data they’ve withheld so far, according to senior aides.


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  • published Religious Freedom in the US in AFB Blog 2015-04-13 22:10:41 -0400

    Who Owns Your Religious Beliefs?


    James Madison, Property, and Religion

    Two Hundred and twenty three years ago, almost to the day, James Madison penned an essay entitled “On Property.”  The essay is fairly short, only a couple of pages in length, but ought to be read by anyone who wants to understand what is really at stake in the fight in Indiana and Arkansas over laws intended to protect the religious freedom.

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